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1966 Cardinal Deluxe

My second vintage camper. Yep, I sold the first one. After a few years of total enjoyment I let birdie fly to a new home. It was bitter sweet, but the newest vinatge camper is going to be just as much fun. I purchased this from a woman that was in finanical distress (her words). It was not worth what she wanted for the camper and finally after about three days we both agreed on a price that was suitable for the sale.

Bringing the 13 foot camper home I had already envisioned what I wanted this vinatge camper to transform into. Becasue it already had a name (Cardinal deluxe), I told myself that this camper would have a brillant red cardinal bird painted on the outside, just like the sparrow was on the 1965 Aristrcrat viantage camper.

The clean up began and took three days. I struggled with the fact that the birch veneer plywood in many areas was bad. The camper would need to be painted, just like the other one was. I use a semi gloss paint, called "Cashew". It really brightens the place up and makes the camper smell good again.

I take off all the hardware, before I begin to paint. Int his case I was not going to use the drawer knobs and several were missing, so I would be purchasing new ones after the painting was done. The theme to this camper is a bird theme, keeping in witht he cardinal name. I found vinage metal bird knobs at Hobby Lobby and knew they would be great for the drawers and cabinets. They are not cheep, but then nothing about a vintage redo is.

Let's begin the tour...

This camper had sat for over a year. It may look okay at first, until I looked a little closer.

Again, I saw that the veneer was bad, I would have to either sand down everything and then varnish or paint. I chose to paint. The chocolate brown stove, ice box and sink were a new color for me to get used to. Again in the back of my mind I could see the bird theme coming into play.

About the only thing good inside was the flooring. However it is just stick on, so I will be replacing that with wood flooring. The three globe ceiling lights were fine and I will be leaving them.

The woman had left fabric for replacing the cushions, but it was material I didn't care for. She also gave me 5 inch thick foam, that I have used in replacing the foam on the bed/sofa and the cushions to the seats.

Do not panic ladies on painting over woood. It's very easy to do and water stains can vanish with a good three coats of any paint.

The front right window is missing to the camper. I have temporarily replaced the board with heavby plexiglass.

Painting completed and then I found some nice bird fabric for all the curtains. I added a few vintage items I had from the last camper to make it homey feeling.

I am using a bedspread for now for eh sofa bed. I is going to be easier than sewing cushions.

The paint sure has made the camper nice looking and fresh to the eye.The metal birds are cute.

I tried to find a small bird clock, but then when I saw this one and read the words, I thought it would be nice to hang ont he wall.

Keeping in the theme of birds, I found the metal feather hangers that will hold my first vintage jacket and visor by the front door.

Adding embroidered T-towels to another feather hook adds a fun decor.

Iv'e added lace to all the windows. I'll add those pics later. The lace curtain is for flair and privacy. I found these cute ceramic bird wall plates and hung them on each side of the front window.

This week I found an apron in an antique shop and brought it home and embroidered a red cardinal bird on the front of the apron.

 I finished my embroidered apron for my vintage camper this afternoon. It takes me back to when I was 12 years old learning needlepoint from my grandmother. She taught me how to crochet, embroider, crewel and tatting. If you see something at a yard sale, thrift store, antique shop or even on eBay that someone has taken the time to do needlepoint, try to appreciate it. It takes many hours to do. Tatting for me was the hardest, because it's all about knots. I still enjoy my embroidery work and I think my little cardinal camper will like the new addition.

A red stained glass cardinal bird for the front window.

From the inside you can see the red cardinal from behind the lace curtain.

I have added these ceramic bird fan pulls to each of the ceiling lights.

A rair find on ebay: an embroidered bird "fine linen" table cloth.

Check out Ruby as she is now finished:

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