This Camper Gals Story

Remember the famous movie, "The Long Long Trailer". starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz? Well, ,y earliest memory of that movie brought me to remembering two things that I actually coild relate to. First was the fear of heights (which I still have) and the second was the hilarious scene where Lucy collects rocks and hides them all over inside the trailer. I too collect rocks in my travels.

Sit back and click through the many areas I have set up to help others in their first time glamping of an old trailer (camper) and all the things that can be good and bad about fixing one up.

Me, testing the waters

A Brown Trought I caught in the first hour after setting up camp.

View right outside my camper window

On the other side of the great Rocky Mountains is a small little town I call home. There are places all around me that I can go camping, fishing, hiking and best of all 4 wheeling. Anything I really want to do, I can with no rules attached. I found such an area several years ago and have been going back to it year after year. It was Heaven right in my back yard. This year I will be taking the vintage camper up and around the corner about 30 miles, back into a valley that is breathtaking.

My first experience up at thhis camp area was pulling a 32 foot fith wheel camper, loaded will all the extras that make up the bells and whistles of an expensive RV. I was worried anout he road getting there and not having all the huge rocks and holes damage the underneath of the RV. I'm sharing my Miller Creek adventure, so that others can join in and go there at some point in time and enjoy what I have been enjoying.

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