Before & Aftwer Pics

1965 Arisrocrat

What is it about taking an older camper and fixing it up, your way? Well, for most of us gals it's a personalized transformation that we simply adore doing. I've set this area aside for some before and after shots. Hope they inspire you to begin your own ideas for your camper. Remember not all of us buy an already done camper. For most of us this is a get the cleaning supplies out and start scrubbing venture. It's all worth it in the end, trust me.

The before shots are very important so don't forget to take lots of pictures, then as you go along the after shots will amaze you.

This camper was a mess. It was sitting for years in a place where mice/rats had made their home in all the underneath cabinet areas. I spent $36 in cleaning supplies. Everything from rubber gloves, face masks, to every kind of disinfectant clearer  I could get my hands on. Fumigating the camper by allowing all the windows and the front door to be open, I began my 5 hour cleaning project. Every inch of the camper had to be washed and sprayed with Lysol. I wasn't sure about the flooring, if it could be saved, but after four times down on my knees scrubbing, it finally came back to life. The next day when I opened the camper door, I knew the camper was happy. Then the painting began. The paneling was too old and cracking, so I scraped it and painted everything a soft cashew color. It really made a difference. All windows, with each glass pane was scrubbed and cleaned. What liked most about this year, was the large windows. The table was in perfect condition, no cracks or scratches. Then I took all the hardware off the cupboards and drawers and sprayed them a shinny black.

Again, I found in my thrift store brand new curtain panels. I saw three sets of two panels and bought them all. Came home and cut the curtain material in half and started sewing the curtains to all the windows. I even had enough material to make the tie backs. I also found heavy drapes and used that material to cover the old fashioned cushions to the eating area. The new colors are now cashew, black, turquoise to match the appliances and a splash of red.

Each time I stepped out of the camper and came back in, I could tell just by smelling that it was clean and fresh. In my excitement I added my treasures that I had been collecting over the years. The red and white retro ice crusher. There will be new and old items, but for the most part it still will have that vintage flair.

The kitchen area came together by adding my turquoises stove top coffee pot and my Mother's hanging utensils. The woodpecker wood ware match box holder goes along with the other collective pieces I have stored int eh closet area, now a pantry. The gas light above the stove will be complete once I find either the original glass globe or a stand in. All the appliances work and that is 3/4 of the price to a camper.I sprayed the vent black to match the other black accents, including the heater cover just below the sink.

The back splash was badly cracked, so I covered it with contact paper. Remember I said, this was no restoration, this was a clean up and fix up.

The cleaning and painting is done, but there is still so much more to do. It has been long hours and hard work. I can't even imagine how people who restore to original condition feel. 

Yep, it's the same camper, but now she is all glamped up. I painted everything, but the bird. Every inch of my vintage camper was done with many hours of painting by hand. I wanted something to pop the camper and adding the sparrow bird did that. The bird is coming out of a tree hole. The ribbons add fair to the camper. I had fun redoing this camper. Hard work, but many times I would just go inside my camper and sit at the table and drink a cup of fresh peppermint tea and enjoy all my hard work. This camper has been camping in the mountains for a few years now and we both have had a lot of fun.

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