This is my bird aviary.The aviary has all the right funtions. The buffet cabinet was purchased at Oak Express and then the husband of the wife who I talked to about the aviary personally built the top part. What I like the most about this aviary is the door in front allowing me to get the food and water dishes with ease. Also on all sides there has been attached a thin plexiglass so that bird seed doesn't fall onto the floor.

I like the lower buffet area for keeping all the bird supplies. This aviary will last for a long time and I will enjoy it for years. Remember I said in a blog post that I am only going to house tiny Finch birds. The Owl Finch is a real treat and then the Cordon Blue Finch will be so colorful flying around this aviary. Just to wake up and hear my feathered friends singing and playing will make me smile. I'm showing the before and after of the aviary to let you know it is a lot of fun to decorate one of these.

Bird Aviaries...



Ziggy & Skittles (The Gouldian Finches)

and Sir Lord of Basalt is to the right.

The beginning to my variety of feathered friends.I’ve started off with a beautiful singing canary, who I have named Sir Lord of Basalt. He softly sings in the morning until he sees me awake and moving around, then he begins his day taking a nice birdie bath and plays and sings louder so he knows he is heard. Sir Lord of Basalt’s feather colors are bright amber, orange to sage green and he plays well with the other birds in his new home.Then I added two male Lady Gouldin Finches. One has a bright orange head and the other has a deep ruby red head. I have named them, Skittles and Ziggy. They have feathers of rainbow colors. These tiny little finches are a delight to watch.


The aviary has taken on a homey look of wood branches and hanging artificial foliage to give the feel of the outdoors to my feathered friends. I will be adding a Cordon Blue finch and a society finch in a couple of days. I always like to wait a few days to allow each breed to get to know the other birds awhile.My singing bird clock goes off on every hour and then the live birds begin to answer the clock singing and cocking their heads from one side to the other.

My aviary and birds are a wedding anniversary gift to me from my wonderful husband. It’s been fun to feed my birdies the different foods and to watch them bathe. This has been a true gift for me after having months of personal health problems. I’ll keep you informed as time goes on, but my advice to anyone that likes birds is to go get an aviary and start your own family of friends.

Ziggy and Sir Lord of Basalt.

Ziggy & Skittles -

Gouldian Finches

They love their swing.

Molly -

Society Finch

Another weekend of bird shopping. This week I added a female Society Finch and named her, Molly. She has soft chocolate brown to mocha colors with bright white feathers on her head and lower body. Molly was alone in a pet shop for weeks and like Sir Lord of Basalt when a bird is all alone it takes them a few days to interact with other birds when placed in a cage (aviary) with other feathered friends. Society finches are social birds and mix well with others after the inital shock of many new friends around them. This tiny finch likes to rest ontop of the bird house and has already checked out the inside of the nest. My canary bird, "Sir Lord of Basalt" wasn't that friendly with Molly for the first four days, however now they are bonding. The canary was by himself too and it took the canary several days to get used to the Gouldian finches. The canary liked to pick on the new finch, but Molly held her own and the two came to terms with where their spot was in the aviary and who was boss.

The singing canary is still singing away and the other little birds join in. It's fun to watch them fly from one branch to the other, then take their bath and enjoy all the treats I give them.

Come spring I will be adding two more birds, but for now this is it as to the bird collection. I'm loving all of them and beleive it or not they know 'who' I am now when I walk int the room each day.

My aviary inside has changed from what I first had going on. I took out the round glass mosaic feeder and added the two green side dishes again. I've added two more branches and another foliage for color. It's all coming together and I will continue to find fun toys and things for my birdies now and then. The wood mirror was a great hit for all the birds, they love looking at themselves. Maybe in their minds they think they are looking at another bird just like them and they feel like they have more friends.


Separating my Canaries from the Aviary was needed as my singing canary wasn't getting along with the Gouldian's. Now they are happy little birds and I have placed a nest for nesting time. Stay tuned to my blog posts for updated information on the nesting time. My yellow Canary I have named, Tweetybird. The other Finch that I got a few weeks back I named, Sam. Everyone is happy and chirping.

The two colorful Gouldian's are building a nest in the smaller grass hut and maybe they are helping the Society Finch's get ready for nesting. Maybe not.

Sir Lord of Basalt -

Singing male Canary

Coming soon:

Cordon Blue and Owl Finches.

Tweetybird -

Female Canary

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