Outside bird feeders: Any type any style, doesn't really affect the local birds. As long as they have an area to gather the seed and someplace to hold on, they are fine with any bird feeder. Feeding your local birds is time consuming as they will eat all the seed just about as fast as you can fill a container. They are hungry little creatures and need the food during the cold months. There are all kinds of bird food out there. Your local stores carry a good variety of bird seed, however if you want to gather different species of birds, go to your local granary. You can buy in bulk amounts and they know just what the local birds like and don't like. Best little birds to watch in the back yard are the gold finch birds that take the black thistle seed. They hang upside down to get the seeds and are bright canary yellow.


A good old fashioned bird house is one maybe your Dad or Grandfather made, using a few old pieces of wood that bird house ideas, but one thing has stayed the same, the birds. Birds aren't to picky about what house they enter as long as the entrance hole is large enough for their bodies and they feel the house is secure. The whole idea of having a bird house is to allow the bird to build a nest inside and have babies. Some, however never nest, they just like to fly in and get out of the cold wind or to avoid larger pray.Go ahead and hang up, tack down or place a bird house somewhere in your garden area and watch the activities begin. Little flying feathered friends will soon be darting in and out of their new homes. They are quit the little builders you know, so let them have fun with their new house and you have fun with your new friends.

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