Bird watching has become so rewarding. Watching birds in your own yard is wonderful, but try going out and finding birds. It is a true art to be a bird watcher. You can feel just like a hunter, only you aren't going to hurt anything, just admire. The first time I went out to go 'bird watching' was with a very old friend that knew how to accomplish this task. I was so green at it. However, I put a small pair of binoculars on a leather strap around my neck. I had a notebook and pencil that my friend urged me to take along in my hand and we set out to explore nature one warm fall afternoon. In my view I could see only trees and bushes as we walked along the river backs edge. I noticed other things while tromping along. I saw the beautiful shimmering green water flowing ever so fast down the river beside me and I thought of my Father, remembering when we shared the art of fishing. Then I looked beyond and saw many different kinds of bushes as my clothes met with each extended branch. Ever now and then my friend would look back toward me and say, are you watching, do you see any birds? I would reply, not yet, but I'm taking it all in. We must have walked 5 miles, but finally as we approached a clearing in the tall grass ahead, I saw the first bird to my afternoons adventures. I softly spoke the words, 'pretty bird' and this made my friend ask, 'where'? Just over to the right resting on some river rocks I saw a pretty little bird with red on its feathers. We both raised our binoculars and began to see up close the tiny little feathers on a pretty bird called, a gray-crowned rosy finch. Very common for the area. I think my friend was expecting to see some rare species, but instead had to settle for this little bird that catch my eye for the afternoon. I was informed later on the way out of the bird watching expedition that we might see a nice long eared owl or some sharp tailed grouse, but none of the creatures my friend mentioned were to be seen on this day. I was grateful to be able to notice one red feathered bird among all the other breathtaking sights I saw. You can click on any bird watching link on the Internet and find wonderful information, or go looking into lots of reading material with outstanding bird books, which ever you choose know that you can get just as excited watching your local birdies in your own back yard. I wrote about my little red feathered bird in my bird notebook and sketched a picture so I would not forget my day of bird watching.

Bird Watching...

The mighty bald eagle. This outstanding bird has so many wonders; you just are in awe every time you see one. They are known to the Indians to be of great strength, but more known in the fact that if one soars into your realm it is giving you a message to have courage. This bird lives and flies high over the mundane world below. His only concern is to feed himself or his young. He has no fear, even though he isn't the largest bird in the sky, but he is the smartest. Watchful of all that surrounds him, yet not bothered by much. Surrounding yourself with eagle items can only mean you are a sacred soul just as the eagles are. There was a stop I had to make this last summer as I was traveling from one town to another. Over by very large electrical towers was the biggest nest I had seen in quite some time. Stopping the car, I got out to view this unbelievable sight. I always carry my small binoculars in the car, so I reached for them to get a better look at what was only a few feet away, but very high up on the metal grids. The branches and trigs lay in an almost artistic pattern circling the parameter. I stood there for the longest time, just looking at the nest and how creative it was constructed. Then I wondered where is the eagle? I waited and waited to see if the large bird would soar into the nest so I could see the beauty of it all. No bird today, guess he was out hunting or maybe the nest was abandoned. I had the feeling it wasn't though, the nest looked freshly made. The air was getting colder and it was time for me to move on, but for my period there observing it was the best road side view I noticed in a long time.

Hummingbirds are such a delight to watch. There are many stories about a hummingbird and I find you can believe what you like. I have watched the ruby throated hummingbird every year in my yard and I can say they are my favorite. They like the cool rocky mountain temperatures and enjoy lots of drinks from all my feeders. I got the sugary syrup recipe from my Father years ago and have used it every year. I've watched the tiny young come flying through the air as fast as their parents just to get a sip of the sweet taste that awaits them. They dive right in front of you and almost taunt you as if to say, come play with us. They are a true beauty where the birds are concerned. I am an avid hummingbird collector. Once you set out a hummingbird feeder and watch the birds come to drink, you will be hook on them too. Some say you can't catch a hummingbird, they are too fast. I beg to differ. My two son's when they were about 10 and 12 years old found it to be a challenge to catch a hummingbird that had flown into their grandparents living room one early Saturday morning. The tiny little bird lay in the palm of of sons hand and my son said he could feel the bird’s heart beating very fast. He released the bird and said bye-bye little birdie and we all laughed and laughed. What fun remembrances of playfulness from the hummingbirds and from my sons.

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