Camp fire Cooking

Pioneering women have been doing this for many years. There is nothing as good as a meal cooked over a fire. The open flames burn and create a smell like no other. You don't have to fry everything. The grate is great for grilling too. From fresh caught trout, salmon or whatever you have, using a grate above the flames will have your mouth watering to taste your recipe.

Fire Grates

On A Stick

Foil it Up

Pan Cooking

Foil it Up

My son, Trevor turned me onto these yummy treats. You cook them over an open fire just as you would a marshmallow on a stick.

Is there anything better? Nope, the Dutch oven cooking dates clear back to the pioneering cooks. Deep cast iron pots were used on open fires.

Okay, so you don't have cast iron cooking pans. Any out door cooking pan will do. The idea is to have pans or skillets that have long handles, so that you don't burn yourself.

Yes, anything can be placed in a piece of foil and wrapped up for the fire. Sticking potatoes in foil and down around or into the ashes of the fire is the best way to cook them.

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