Sugar Eggs to Hand Painted Eggs...


I may not get any chicks from my pet birds laying their eggs, but I still enjoy making creative eggs. Remember the 'sugar eggs'? I've made a ton of them over the years, but when I went to look for my sugar eggs I find I am down to only about three now. Anytime you want to be creative, try painting on ceramic or real eggs. I've posted a few pictures to show how easy and fun it can be.

Be creative and paint whatever comes to your mind. Use real egg shells.

Blow out the insides and wash well then begin painting them. Set them on a stand and decorate the stand.


Decorate your sugar eggs and allow to dry over night, they will keep for years to come.


Make large eggs or smaller eggs. Just have fun in decorating them. Save them for yourself or give them away.

When you are all finished creating eggs, set them out for all to enjoy. Large ceramic bow eggs are fun to collect. I started my collection in my thirties. The ceramic chic bunny was given to me by a wonderful friend.

Happy Easter!

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