Let's talk window creations.

Take any window box container and add a few small flowers. Not to many because they will get bigger as they grow. What a wonderful smell in the morning to open a window and have the scent of fresh flowers filter through your home.Over the years I have seen many beautiful window flower boxes, but the ones that I admire the most are the home made ones. Just a few pieces of old boards that you cut and paint will make a nice container.

Garden Ideas...

No more room for flowers? Oh yes, you can always hang them. Take any flower basket container and hang the basket up. These flower baskets look great hanging from a balcony area, on fences or where ever you have an attached hanger for placing a wind chime or basket of beautiful flowers. Swaying in the wind won't bother these fragrant beauties, they like all flowers feel of the wind on their petals.

Garden containers: Garden carts, alabaster vases, galvanized wash tubs, terra-cotta pots are among favorites in planting beautiful flowers to be displayed and enjoyed. Take whatever you have around the house and put it to use. Flowers will grow in just about anything as long as you have drainage holes in the bottom of the container.

Climbers: Any climbing flower over an arbor is so delightful. Bending and mounting rose branches to any arbor becomes a blooming display of color in a very short time. Clematis climb high as they grow and look great over any arch way area. Beautiful Iris are perfect partners to the clematis.Plant climbing rose bushes about 12 inches in front of an arbor. Placing the roots away from the support of the arbor or trellis. Dig a hole deep enough about 18 inches deep. Fill hole with water, soil and mixed compost, then place rose bush down into hole and repeat with soil and compost to the top of ground. Gently place dirt over hole. As the branches begin to grow, tie them to the arbor support making sure the branches are loose enough for more growth. When the branches are long enough, bend them between the arbor or trellis slats. Roses take a lot of water, so soak with water once a week.Clematis are the same in respect as they grow, tie the stems to the trellis or arbor, water well and be sure to prune your clematis.

A rainbow of multicolored flower beds and boarders. Take any area of your yard and make it a focal point by planting colorful flowers. Add rocks, stones or whatever you have handy to make the garden area come alive. It can be as simple as planting a few bright and colorful rose bushes next to the West side of a house and add a fancy fence to complete the area.

Placing flat rocks, bricks or stepping stones to make a garden path will add to any flower garden area. These two pictures above show simple ideas for enhancing your garden area. Walking on clean rocks rather than dirt is a pleasant experience for any gardener. I can't tell you how many rocks I have moved over the years, but it sure gives you a work out. My helping hand is my wheel barrow. We aren't talking Army barracks round circle look. Your rock path can be any type of rocks as long as you can walk on them. Stepping stones are another great way to walk along your flower beds. Get creative and line a path to your favorite quiet place.Most of all enjoy all your hard work it really does pay off.

Putting in a beautiful pond is such a treat. This may look like a lot of work, but it really isn't. Plastic containers are available at local gardening shops to the main hardware stores all carry these liners. Adding rocks to make the pond look natural is a fun afternoon project. Just dig a hole, place plastic sheeting in the hole, then the pond container. Most containers come with a pump, if not you may have to purchase that separate. Place decorative rocks all along the edge of the container and fill the container with water. Just listening to the water trickle down the rocks into the pond area will be a reward you give yourself. Even Fido likes a dip in the cool waters.

Don't forget to water everything. Fill the baby pool with cool water and watch your fur pets splash around and have fun. That's what it is all about, having fun.

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