Before and After

In my quest to find a vintage camper I was astonished at the cost of restored campers on the market. I hunted like a hound dog for a small camper I could buy and fix up like all the other fun and whimsical ones, I saw on the internet. 

I had no intention to "restore" to original condition anything. At my age it's like restoring an old wrinkled prune to the appearance of a ripe red apple. There is no rime or reason to do so. growing old gracefully has always been my motto. Therefore, unless you have tons of cash to put into the endless money camper pit, then may I suggest not going there. Cleaning, fixing and redoing a camper into a canvas of art you and you alone created, is by far more rewarding than paying someone else to do it. It's all about inner creativity.

After several days of cleaning, fixing and painting I finally took a break. I went shopping. Not regular shopping ladies, I went thrifting. I have a favorite thrift store I like to go to when I can;t things anywhere else. Low and behold after searching the internet for the old original light fixtures and finding they only had two available on Ebay for a high price, I found these little gems. They were gold in color and had no shades. I sprayed them a shinny silver color and added a shade I already had. There were three light fixtures int he camper that were either broken or falling apart, so my 'bling' lighting was now hung in placement of the old ones. I have a silver chandelier that will be going above the table next. Fun, fun, fun  finding these little light fixtures, all for only $3.00 a piece.

Before & After

I took two chairs from back in the 1950's and spray painted them coal black. Left the original white leather cushions as they are still in great shape. Then I found an artist palette Bistro table and shortened the legs. I may have to cut off another inch, but for now I am pleased with the results. This set is for my 1966 Cardinal Deluxe vintage camper. Glamping it up sure has been fun. Check out all the after pics on Vintage Camp Gals, then Ruby is finished.

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