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Herb Gardens can be started almost any place. Just a few simple herbs that you like, make all the difference in meals you serve from your kitchen. Mint, Basil, Chives and Oregano are some of my favorites. Always add a friend or two. 


You can get creative and use decorative bricks or just add your herbs along side a fence. I'm going to place mine in an old wagon wheel next spring. Stay posted for that picture.


Easy and simple are my gardens. No matter what flower, herb or vegetable garden it's all about what you want to add to them. Build it, create it or just plant them in the ground next to a fence.

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Herbs in my Garden areas...

My Topsy-Turvey Herb Garden


A fun weekend project for anyone to accomplish. Here is all that you will need:


Large size Terracotta clay pot

5 Medium size Terracotta clay pots

1 wood dowel the size of the hole in each clay pot

1 bag of Top Soil

1 bag of Miracle Grow Potting Soil

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Herbs: Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley, Dill, Rosemary or any Herb of your choice.


Begin by heating up your glue gun. Take the large clay pot and fill it half way with a combination of part Top Soil, part Miracle Grow. Place the wood dowel into the bottom hole of the pot. Take one of your medium size clay pots and thread it down the dowel to the top edge of your large pot. Rest it at an angle and then hot glue the side of the clay pot to the dowel and the bottom area to the large clay pot edge.

This will be your beginning to the building of the clay pots. Continue the same process with the remaining clay pots and angle each one going the opposite direction from the last clay pot.Now add your dirt half way into the clay pots and add your herbs. Hot glue any bird you like to the top of the dowel and as you can see I added smaller birds to the side areas of the pots. Gives it some color and adds to the project.

Find any Herb marker and place it into the pot so know what Herb is what. Most Herbs are very recognizable just by knowing your Herbs, however when in doubt just mark them. I found four cute Herb markers at a yard sale one day.

They were all just white, so I brought them home and painted them and the two you see are in the clay pots. If I can find that pattern again I will get more, but for now they are fine.The most expensive item I bought was the Herbs. I found the clay pots on sale and the small birds were from a dollar store. Think fun and creative. When I find just the right top bird I will take off the one I have and replace it, but for now the blue bird will have to do. This Herb garden is in my kitchen until the weather warms up and then  I will place it in my green house.

Topsy Turvey is an understatement, you will need another person to help you move this creation. This project was under $45 and a lot of fun to make. Remember get things on sale and shop around. If you already have pots with draining holes then use them and make a colorful Herb garden.The most important thing is to know you created it with your own hands, so smile and have a great Herb garden.

If you are like me and have planted your herbs now, then you will have nice large plants that you can not only enjoy all summer, but you can divide them and put them into mason jars and give them away as gifts.


There really isn't anything better than fresh herbs in all your cooking recipes. I use a lot of chives, basil, rosemary and peppermint for my ice tea.


Simple little finds that make your yard or gardens smile is what I hope to share with you today.

Now get going you have treasures just waiting for you to discover, then create something.

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