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Flower of the Month:



Delphinium flower is a symbol of good interactions, connections between people, and their communication. Some cultures used the Larkspur flower to protect themselves from negative people and negative emotions. Larkspur flower protected them against evil and symbolized good luck and positive circumstances.


A spectacular rainbow of colors start in spring from, Mums, Primrose to Bleeding Hearts. Just a few are favorites to any garden area. Early Johnny Jump Ups are the first sign of spring, they pop up no matter what the weather. From a windows view you can see the start to a beautiful colorful garden with just a few starter bulbs.

The time has arrived and you have been waiting to come alive with personality. Set the seeds in the ground and water them daily. If you are adding already grown starter plants, then carefully place them all around the yard in different locations this year.



Early Spring has now come and gone leaving behind the enjoyed blossoms until next season, now it is sun shining summer. Through the summer months a garden will be alive with the fragrant blooms of pink Hydrangea, Daylillies, black-eyed Susans and an assortment of foliage. Adding Dwarf burning bushes will color it up for the autumn season. Climbing roses to clematis are a treat to see through the hot summer afternoons. Watching your garden area thrive throughout the summer is a gift you will be giving yourself.

Okay, you have the flower beds all up and growing, now you need to maintain them. Watering, weeding and making sure all pests don't eat up all your hard work. Take pictures, write in your Garden sketch book of all your beloved work and how by trial and error every plant grew or didn't work out. What a wonderful gift we give ourselves, in planting a tiny seed and watching it grow and blossom to something we never thought might be. Now, sit back and enjoy your flower area, with pride.



A cool mist is in the air as Fall unfolds. The different varieties of mums have now provided a tapestry of colors to last all autumn long. The burning bush foliage has now turned a gorgeous crimson color.Every flower that once had a sunshine glow has now softened and taken on a warm appearance.Sit back and give thanks for the three seasons of having a bountiful garden.

Clean it up! Fall is the time when all things get a good cleaning up and clearing out. Rake flower beds, put down winter coverings such as mulch or bark. Put away all flower bed decorations and let the area rest.



Take this time and design a layout for next Spring. Allowing the ground to rest all winter and soak up all the moisture is just one part of a good flower garden area. Watch the flower bed area throughout the cold months to see where it is in that area that gets the most damage, if any. Try to plan your perennials around that thought.



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