Miller Creek Memories

A very dear to my heart young lady named, Fawn Youngblood gave me this book. It was given to me to be used in painting whatever I saw during my trip at the annual Miller Creek camp out. The cover was so appropriate as everywhere I went there were tons of beautiful butterflies all around me. 

My camping trip was short this year, but I tried to get in everything I could before it ended. Along the path were these berries, so I took a picture of them, so that I could remember them for later. They were orange in color. Later when I asked my neighbor what she thought they were, she said, service berries. However the leaves where not the same as what I researched on the service berry. They were hanging from the branches much like grapes do. I figured since the bears had not eaten them, then maybe they were not for human mouths either. Ha! Anyway I have started this traveling book for just my memories of my camping year. The paper is very heavy, much like a canvas paper, therefore you have to let your art work dry completely before going on and adding other areas.

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