My Studio

Take any room of your house and make it into your own little art studio. Currently my work area isn't very large, but I have everything I need.

Brushes are very important to me, as are the paper and paints. I have a good supply of Reeves, Daler Rowney, Artist Loft and NiJi paint that I use.

If you were to ask me what my favorite brushes are, it would have to be Silver Black Velvet and Master's Touch.

Watercolor paper varies, but I use Strathmore cold press and Arches.

Finding the right area that allows for good lighting is the key to a nice painting coming alive. I have a large ceiling fluorescent light and as you can see a large window that allows for morning and afternoon sun light.

When I begin an art piece, the first thing I do is get all my supplies ready. Fresh rinse water and clean water for my spray bottle. My palete is clean and ready for the variety of colors I will chose for the art piece. My desk top computer is near me, which I like, because I usually turn on music while I am painting. It also helps to find a particular picture so that I can see details to be added to my art piece.

I use a cloth towel for drying my brushes off. I find a cloth towel will retain the moisture leaving my brushes damp and ready for the canvas.

When I'm ready to begin the painting, I will remove most of my supplies leaving plenty of room to work.

Happy painting to you and remember, just take a place and make it your own.

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