Inside my bird home have very special colorful Finches. Now I have had other birds over the years, but this time I wanted only tiny birds.

Love birds are about the best bird to have around if you like fun playful birds, inside your home. They play around in cages and want to climb and hang up side down. Canaries, Parakeets to Finches, having little birds in your home is quit a treat. Feeding them the different foods for your different kind of birds is always interesting. Whether you have one bird cage or an Aviary for a few birds, you will be addicted to these feathered friends in no time at all. Give your new friend/s a unique name and before long you and your bird/s are the best of pals. Every morning you will hear the melody of fine chirps to cheerful tweets as they sing their songs. Go ahead and get what ever type of bird you have always wanted. Just remember they are like any other house pet, you do have to feed and water them regularly.

Hope you enjoy my slide show as I have added a few up close and personal photo's of my pet birds.From the beautiful lady gouldian's, Society finches to the sining Canary. Each bird has now found a good home and seems to fit right in.

Pet Birds

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