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It's on its way...

This is why I stay living in a small town... I'm off to mail a very special package and I want it to get there fast. After I wait for a parking space infront of my local post office I look around to see the whole street is filled with cars and I wonder if maybe I should have gone to the UPS drop off instead. Too late I'm already pulling into a space and have parked the car.

I get out and carry my package to the front door where there is a very nice young woman holding the door open for me, she has a smile on her face and says "Hello to me". I then walk into the post office and see a rather long line, but I wait patiently and see all the local townspeople standing in line smiling and each one says, "Hello to me". They are laughing and talking about other people who live in our town. Small talk isn't what I hear, rather gossip is what my ears are flooded with. You wouldn't find this at a post office in a city, people will stand right next to you and say nothing. They are either so inthrawled in talking on their cell phone or they just don't want to be bothered with the human race.

I move up in line as I have a package to be mailed rather than a pick up. There are several people just waiting for their Christmas pick up packages. I have no ticket for a pick up so I advance to the head of the line. This thrills me as my package is rather heavy in my arms.

Again, I am greeted with a smile and "Happy Holidays" from the postal worker. Christmas music is playing in the background and I see stacks of packages waiting to go to people all over the place. Signed, stamped and placed in the area for 'fragile' delivery, my package is off for the day.

I sure hope postal santa is careful with my package and delivers it with a smile at the destinations end.

I walk to my car and as I take ahold of the handle to my vehicle another voice calls out my name and says, "Merry Christmas Dianne". It's my local hair stylist and she noticed me and wanted to say hello to me. I return the reply and get into my car. It's a really good feeling to have people call out your name and well just remember you.

Happy Holidays to all my local friends.

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