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Landscaping Garden Gal style

It's been 1 year. I can't believe I have transformed this place in 12 months. (Before pic)

After pic. Added sod, more to follow. Put up pergola, yard pavers for flower beds. Made my shutters.

Front street area, before pic.

Front street area, after. Added 12 rose bushes, pavers and red mulch. Panted the ugly fence.

Front of house before pic. Only had a small tree to the side of the large one.

I added a large fountain, more rose bushes, Clematis, snowball bushes and more of the pavers and red mulch.

I planted a fruit tree and over all I am pleased with the results.

Large tree gets pavers and petunias. Planted 9 large Giant trees. They get huge.

Side area across from the house, before pic. This was a challenge. As you can see it was very dry and blah looking.

Today it looks like this. I turned the ugly into a nice rose garden. Hollyhocks, rhubarb, grapes climbing the trellis and two trees. Pear and Plum were added. Larger pergola, garden bench, wheelbarrow full of forget-me-not flowers. Several metal yard art pieces.

This was the first of the adding the rose bushes, they are double in size now.

Of course the old original shed got a much needed face lift.

Back of the house was just as dry and blah as the front, but not for long.

Again more pavers, red mulch, sod and Columbines line the front side of the house where there was nothing before.

Added more sod in areas. Planted a flower bed, complete with blue bells, Iris, Columbine and of course water fountains. The birds love them.

Back of the house before pics.

Changed the dry look into the barn rustic red color and fresh white. Added 4 dump trucks of gravel to the whole long driveway.

It's been work, yes, but all in all a work of love from my own two hands. Never did I think I would have this result after what I first saw. Vision and determination were my pulling force each and every morning. So, if you think you can't transform a place on a budget, think again. I did it and so can you. After all this is my final resting place for many years to come, so I wanted it to reflect the colorful Colorado gardener that I am. My neighbors are amazed at all I have completed in such a short time. Happy summer to all.


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