Meet Ruby

My 1966 Cardinal Deluxe got a make over. Completely transformed her into the beauty you see now.

I'm all about creativity and I think I pulled it off with this artistic design.

Now when I travel the road all eyes will be on Ruby. Haha

Adding the Aspen trees to all four corners made for a real conversation piece. My wings are ready for her to fly down the road with dignity and grace.

The bird going into the hole to it's nest will make any follower want to admire the camper as they are in back of the camper. I have a couple more saying that I will be adding to the camper, but for now I am pleased with her.

The side of the camper was painted to have passing cars see that I didn't forget all areas of my camper. The female and male Cardinal rest on a branch.

Ruby hasn't been on a road trip since I bought her two years ago. It takes time to redo a vintage camper and this was very true in all the hard work I did to get her where she is today.

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