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Do one thing every day that makes you happy…

December 27, 2013

Today my one thing that made me happy was that I gathered up all the magazines I could find to make my 2014 collage. I’ve been making these for a number of years now and believe it or not whatever you clip and paste to a white construction board just may help to have your year ahead be brighter and happier.


For me I started off with finding flowers as I wish to have more flowers surrounding me throughout the year. Either fresh cut flower’s to fill a beautiful vase for my dining room table or a variety of different starter plants for me to plant in my yard.


While turning each magazine page you are to clip out whatever calls to your attention. It can be a phrase, saying or a title of something.  Maybe it’s just a letter reminding you of a place or a person. As the pages turn and you collect several pictures and/or sayings, it is then time to paste your pictures onto a white construction board. It doesn’t have to be big, just a size you are comfortable with. Several years ago without me even knowing why I pasted a beautiful diamond ring and a gorgeous ivory colored wedding dress, as I was dreaming I guess at the time; however a year later I was walking down the aisle getting married. So you see my wishful thinking and then pasting the idea onto paper works. I wanted a nicer car to drive than I had and so I found a picture of a luxury car and pasted it onto my board. Again a year and a half later I was purchasing my first brand new Ford Fusion car. What a dream…


This year I have just begun to start my variety of pasted pictures. I have travel on my mind and I hope it is to faraway places, not just another nearby National Park. Hehehehe


Exercise is included in my daily life, whether it is a new membership at the health spa or me working off the pounds working in my yard. In January my bird aviary arrives and soon I will be listening to birdie chatter. Won't that be fun? Then come spring I wish to build a fire pit so friends and family can gather for laugher, that is among my projects on my ever growing ‘to do list’. Maybe I will go ‘treasure’ hunting and find more fun ideas for the yard. Last year I built a beautiful carnival glass birdbath and placed it in my rose garden. See, "Garden Bird Bath" on my website.


My collage is far from being finished, but it is a good start to adding areas to my daily life that will bring me happiness and a smile on my face. So, dig right in and make one for your 2014 year ahead. This is not a “New Year’s” resolution, it is your inner thoughts just coming through onto paper for you to visualize and strive for.

Still digging and clipping away…

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