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Uplifting thoughts:

March 7, 2014


Well, today while watching the TV show, “Home and Family” there was a guest that talked about her new book called, “Face Reading”. I listened for a while and it reminded me of when I taught Graphology at my local College a few years back. Handwriting and signatures are close to this “Face reading” idea.

In my travels this weekend I’ll stop into Barns & Noble and check out the book, What is Your What? By Steve Olsher.

It’s discovering the one amazing thing you were born to do. I don’t join those book of the month clubs, but every now and then I like to find a book that catches my attention.


To begin spring I will read a few thoughts on how to discover (find) that one true area I was born to have and share with others.In my heart I know it is not my art work, it is something much more. The book may not have any answers, but it is a hunt for me none the less. I’ll also be bringing back a male Society Finch to add to my aviary. Stopping in some antique shops and visiting family before I call it a close to my weekend adventures.

Wonder what treasures will be waiting for me at the shops I intend to visit?

Stay turned.

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