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Splashing Fun

May 17, 2014

This weekend I will be working in my greenhouse again. I purchased this water fountain today. I liked the pouring water can and that it has two LED lights. I’ll place it on the side of the greenhouse so I can see it from my kitchen window.

I’m finished with planting all my Herbs. I have added two nice Red Beef Tomato plants and two bell pepper plants. Also I added another bag of rich top soil to everything in the greenhouse.  Out front under my mail box I have added two red burgundy colored Columbines, two Dracaena plants purple in color, two Azalea bushes that are pink in color, one Ilex bush with bright red berries and colorful pansies.

As I placed the Azaleas in the ground I sat on my kneeling pad and thought of the poem I wrote about Azaleas. It goes like this:


Distance of an ocean blue, connected are two, where Azaleas grew.

Timeless to patiently wait, messages to the heart as though it were fate.

Passion one can’t hide gently smiled upon thee was a lover of the softer side.

Threw a wish into the sky, always and forever one day, magically together you and I.


Well it was a long time ago that I wrote that, but I remember the beautiful flowers and today as I patted them carefully into the dirt my little poem all came back to me.

My flower area under the mailbox is a yearly change for me. I will take out the juniper bushes and add something else in a few weeks. This area gets so much sun it is rather difficult to find just the right plant to survive not only the heat of the sun, but also the heat from the street asphalt. In a couple of weeks everything will have settled into the ground and begin to take hold. I enjoy springtime it is a period that you can make creative ideas come to life. For now I’ll be enjoying this new water fountain.

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