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Just forget it and plant something

April 25, 2015

 After a week of Craigslist "people" behaviers I decided to forget it and start planting my spring/summer yard plants.


I started with two new Dwarf Red Leaf shrubs for out front by my pine trees. These beauties will add color and privacy out front.

 Then I purchased three beautiful, Edward J. Gardner and Krasavitsa Moskvy (Pink and White) Lilac bushes for the fence line in my back yard.


 In between the Lilac bushes I have planted Blackberry and Blueberry bushes. Since I already have a large row of Raspberry bushes, I think the darker berries will be just fine.


Then I will fill three large window planter boxes with flowers and I have 8 Columbine plants. Each year I try to buy at least three new rose bushes. This year I went pink rather than red.

As I dug into the soft dirt to transfer the bushes from their containers all my stress from the past week started to melt away. I am very blessed to have a yard that I can plant what I want and where I want it each year. It has been three going on four years now to get this yard transformed into some degree of nice flowering arrangements. My trees are a trial and error as to the climate and conditions of the soil, but for the most part everything is doing great.


So, for all the mean people I have had to incounter on the Craigslist drama, just know one thing; you didn't defeat me. If anything you inspired me to be a better person and stay the course of being me, humble, nice and true to my word. Much like like graden friends. 

Happy planting!!!





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