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Splash splash

May 1, 2015

 Young birdies fly onto my water fountain this morning and as I passed by the garden window I snapped this photo. They are sure enjoying their morning bath and drinking the water.


 This afternoon I finally got the rest of the Roses and Columbines planted. It's time for my fence to have some fresh paint, so maybe tomorrow I will get to that. These roses are under my bedroom window and will be a nice fragrance when I open my window. I added my mosaic blue bird resting on the dark brown mulch.


I still need about 5 more large sacks of the mulch for the front yard flower beds, but for now this flower area will be well watered and a fresh start to growing. Anyone that knows me will tell you I work pretty hard in my yard all spring and summer. Between my greenhouse, full vegetable garden and all the mowing and weeding I do, it keeps me pretty busy. While I rest in my swing or retro chairs and look at all my hard work I can honestly say I am proud of all my hard work and it shows.


The nice part about it all is after I am done using all my muscles to the max I can relax in my 104 degree hot tub and recharge myself again.





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