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Iris Rhizomes

June 11, 2015

 I've decided to plant good quality Bearded Iris, so I have ordered a few. This is the Sulavan's Palace Velvet Red Maroon color. I think it will look nice right under my office room windows.


 Then I ordered the Cherokee Nation Bearded Iris. Wow, this beauty is just what I wanted. Now Bearded Iris is above all my favorite flower. The beard name comes from the fuzzy gold color pollen area. What I like about the bearded Iris flower are the fallen down petals, called the falls.


The Siberian "Flag" Iris most commonly known in all floral arrangements I have found some for free that I will be picking up at the end of the month. They are an Iris, but to me do not have the spectacular beauty that the bearded Irises have. I'll be separating the Rhizomes and replanting them among the bearded Iris.

Finally I am beginning to have my iris garden. I'll take pics later after all the hard work is done.

Happy Gardening to all!!!




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