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11 days

November 16, 2015

 Well, it's that time again. Yep, making those holiday pies for the festive Thanksgiving feast. I thought I could get out of all the hard work of slaving over the hot stove and oven this year, by going to someone else’s house for the day. Not so lucky! I was still asked to make all the “pastries”. Hahahaha, that means my homemade Pecan pie, the two Pumpkins pies and a nice homemade cherry lattice pie. I may have to throw in a wonderful Carrot Cake for those who don’t really care for pie. None the less, I do enjoy making the tried and true family recipes for the family.

This year I am trying a new dough recipe and hopefully everyone will like it. The big sixty four thousand dollar question is, can I convince my son (who is making the dinner) to make a nice fresh dressing, something other than the boxed dry ‘stove top’ dressing. This should be a feat in and of itself. Hope everyone is gearing up for the big food day.





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