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So it begins...

December 5, 2015


Even though it's very cold where I live, it doesn't stop me from getting out and decorating the house. I have started early this year, in fact I had everything decorated by Dec. 2nd. Yep, even the Christmas tree was up and fully decorated. I have no idea why I started so early, but it has been rather fun. I turn on my collection of light up houses and the tree when I get up in the morning. I like to enjoy the lights throughout the day. People stop by and see them and smile. It was fun to unwrap a few items this year that I had completely forgotten that I even had. An old ornament that my Mother had hanging on the tree throughout the years has now faded in color, but as I unwrapped it from the tissue paper and held it in my hands, it was as if time had stopped. I could clearly remember how it looked hanging on an evergreen tree when I was only 8. Over the years I have tried to save a few ornaments that mean something to me and each year I purchase one new ornament.

It’s time to bake my Swedish Spritz Cookies and have a nice cup of eggnog. I wish everyone a happy season.



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