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Colonial Bird Feeder

July 28, 2016

 Over the weekend I found this LARGE bird feeder at a yard sale. Much to my amazement they only wanted $1.00 for it. It was like new so I grabbed it in my arms, paid the lady at the cashier table and headed for my car with my treasure. This bird feeder is not small by any means and I had no idea where I would place it, I just knew my friendly little feathered friends would like it as much as I did. In the car it went and after I got home with it I hunted for a pole big enough to fit on the underneath area that already had a hole just for a pole. I had no idea how the pole was going to stay in the hole, but I had one piece to the puzzle complete.

Then my neighbor popped his head into the yard and I showed him my dilemma as to the hole and the pole and he just smiled and said he knew just what to do to fix that. Good I thought! A day went by and finally towards evening Harvey (the neighbor) had returned with the right size of a board that fit under the bird feeder and he cut a hole in the board for the pole. He asked me where I wanted my feeder and so I showed him. Then he pounded the pole into the ground using a large hammer and a block of wood. The bird feeder was attached to the wood and screwed down tight. The next morning in the cool of the day I returned to the bird feeder to paint the wood and pole and add the bird seed. It only took a few hours then I saw several birds surround the feeder to check things out. I was so pleased they knew what to do and I picked the perfect spot for the feeder as I can lay in bed and watch the birds feeding every morning. Great job Harvey at helping me, thanks so much.



Aren't sales fun?


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