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Moving Day

July 15, 2019

 In June I made a big move. This 18 wheel semi truck was just the household stuff. Had two 14 foot U-Haul's as well. Good grief. It was a bitter sweet move. I left my home of 8 years to move from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the desert heat. Boy was I in for a shock. I have lived other places in the extreme heat, but June and July to be moving and unpacking is the worst. I have adjusted well, if I do say so myself. In just 30 days I have unpacked the last of the 400 or so boxes and find that I like my new surroundings. Only two things got broken and one scratch to the furniture, but other than that all went well. I have had non stop helpers almost everyday going through all the "stuff" and unloading all the items I will never use again. It is amazing how a person can collect things over the years that no longer serve any use. I have only a few memories I have kept, everything else went out. It was a great relief to know all the "stuff' was finally gone. As I settle into my new home I want my readers to know that my art work will continue. I plan on painting all new oasis originals. Stay turned and happy summer everyone. Get the water spritzers going. Haha


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