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My life has dipped into new waters. I've always been an avid fisherwoman, now I find I am trying the wonderful art of fly tying. It began when I was about 12 years old watching my Grandfather tie flies in his old garage. He sat on a four legged stool and began to make a fly using an old shop vise he had mounted to his wood work bench. Nothing fancy as my Grandfather didn't believe in spending money on fancy things. He used what he had on hand. My Grandfather loved to go Pheasant and Duck hunting and he would use the feathers from those birds to make beautiful flies for fly fishing.My fishing days started when I was around 8. I would go with my Father and he taught me everything I know about river fishing. Back then I really didn't know about fly fishing other than watching my Grandfather make the flies. I've been fishing the White River in Colorado all my life. Now, I am venturing out to learn the art of fly fishing. I have purchased everything there is to make all kinds of different flies. This in its self was a treat. So, click on the tabs at the top and see what I have purchased to get going on this hobby/work in process.If you are a beginner like I am, you will see that making sure you have the right tools is so important. Then all you have to do is get creative and enjoy yourself.


The picture below is of my father fishing the White River. Whenever I am in the flowing waters I can almost feel him standing right by my side.

Then years later it's me fishing the same river from when my Dad was there.

My special spot is the North Fork up the river from Meeker, Co. One of the nicest spots is under the bridge where really large rainbow trout like to swim around.Whatever river you go to for the day, just remember to have fun. Far to many people hurry to their fishing stream or lake and think they have to hurry and catch that fish or the day will be gone. Try to relax and look around at nature. Stop thinking you have to make all your flies at the location. Take as many flies as you think you will need. If you run out it isn't the end of the world, just make the most of the rest of your fishing day.If you have a small camera handy take a few pictures of your fishing hole. The eagle that just flew by or the funny little squirrel that keeps watching you. It's all about having fun. No stress, no thinking of your job, family or anything that bothers you. Just let yourself go in the moment at hand. Listen to the water, watch the trees sway and blow. Then right when you think you are focusing on that bug on the rock in front of you, your fishing pole tells you that you have a fish on the line so now its time to begin to reel it in.

Watercolor Fun...

Lets go fly fishing... As I mentioned earlier currently I am learning the art of fly tying. It is so much fun and I can't wait to dip my pole and see how the fish like my hand made flies. I have read books, watched videos and more importantly have talked to true fly tying experts. The thing I have noticed more than anything else is how friendly these fishing buddies are. There don't put on any high and mighty attitudes. They are down to earth people who love fishing. It's almost a treat for them to show you how they tie a fly or use some tips to help you not make the same mistake they did when they first started.You can purchase your supplies at most any sporting goods, anglers or fly tying shop. The Internet (Ebay) has a variety of items. For me I like to see the item in my hands and talk to the store salesman to know if that item is really well worth the trouble. I can't stress enough to start off with a good vise and good hand tools. All else will follow. While I am just beginning this art, I can see myself for many years making beautiful flies and laughing at which ones worked for me and which ones didn't. Happy fishing and don't forget to smile and have fun.

Click on the fish and you can see all my handy tools for fly tying.

Creating a variety of hand made flies is almost like creating an art piece. It's your inner creativity that allows your hands and imagination to make something artistic and fun. So, let's get started on some of my helpful hints on fly tying.


Start with a (good) vise first. Word of caution, I purchased a cheap vise in a starter kit and was very disappointed. I now have this Peak rotary vise. I prefer the table type rather than the clamp. This vise is well built and won't allow your hooks to move around.I have added extras to the base and have a few favorite areas, but all in all the vise does all the work.


Things to get you started: Don't be shy, jump right in and find all these items and begin to make your first fly. Get books or watch YouTube videos and learn the easy stuff right off the bat.


Supplies you will need:

Bobbins Holders, Dubbing Twisters, Hackle tools, Hair Stacker's, Whip Finish, Scissors, Threaders, Teasers.Thread, Tinsel, Tubing, Streamers, Wing Case, Wire, Yarns, Furs, Skins and Hair, Rubber legs, Foam, Feathers, Eyes, Dubbin, Chenille, Cements, Beads and Hackles.

I have made a lot of flies now. I picked this fly wallet up on Ebay as it reminded me of the one my Grandfather used many years ago.

Fishing on the fly...

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