Yard Treasures....

A bird bath should be inviting not only to the local flying birds, but to your friends and neighbors who admire your yard art. You can purchase any bird bath and set it in your yard and be happy, but what about purchasing something of art?

I went hunting in an antique shop and found two items that I could actually visualize being made into a nice bird bath.

Don't be scared of antique shops, they have tons of old and reusable items that you can get fairly inexpensive.

I saw the bowl first. It is carnival glass and as I held it up to the light of a nearby window in the antique shop I saw a rainbow of beautiful colors. It not only caught my eye, but I could see colorful birds flying in and resting their claws on the edge to get a drink of water. Fascinated by the bowl I then began to search for a bottom for my bowl to rest on. Around the corner sat a ceramic soft brown pedestal base I could use just for the carnival glass bowl. I purchased both pieces and had them wrapped up for the long drive home. I was so excited to find a true treasure that I could make into my own bird bath and I didn’t spent near the amount I would have on a regular store bought bird bath.


Arriving home I carefully carried the box containing the bowl and pedestal base. I washed off each item and then found a heavy epoxy glue and ran a nice thick bead of glue around the base of the bowl, then I placed the bowl onto the base and waited a couple of hours for it to completely dry.

Then I dug a nice hole in my rose garden bed area where I wanted the bird bath to rest. I carefully carried the bowl and base to the location in my rose garden bed and placed the base down into the hole area, and then I covered the sides to the base with dirt. I filled the bowl half way with water and stood back to see my gleaming bird bath. The sunlight above had found the carnival glass and made the colors sparkle and gleam bright upon my flower bed. I couldn’t wait for a little bird to fly in and take a drink or bathe in the water inside the bowl.


Birdies are sneaky and don’t like to be watched, so I stepped back into the house and as I glanced out the garden window above the bird bath a little brown finch bird had flown onto the edge of the bowl and was drinking the water inside the bowl. I was so happy and a big smile came to my face. I ran for my camera and quickly took a fast snapshot of the first feathered friend to fly into my beautiful carnival glass bird bath bowl. I have watched several birds take their turn at drinking and bathing in my hand made bird bath that I wouldn’t trade it for any store bought bird bath.

Get creative and make your own bird bath. Go treasure hunting!!!


 Finding items that other people usually trash, becomes my yard treasure. I'm showing two very old wheels. The before and after look as I cleaned them up and gave them a fresh coat of paint. Now they are added to my wheel yard collection where my Hollyhocks are planted.

These wheels have been behind an old shed for many years. I dug them up and lifted them out to be restored. If nothing else they are a yard conversation piece.


Whether you make a yard fun decoration or just revamp an existing one, look around and see what you can find to add to your yard this spring. So much more to be pleased about then just purchasing something at a discount store.

Watch out for rolling tumbleweeds!!!!







Another before and after project: I found these retro 1950's lawn chairs in my dirty up stairs garage area. I almost forgot to take the before picture, but as you can see they were an ugly blue color. I began my 'refresh and perk up' project this afternoon. While the paint was drying I went and purchased these preaty floral cusions. Now I can sit and enjoy my fresh lemonade while relaxing in my refurbished chairs. There is a lounge chair that goes with this set and I am still looking for the matching cusion for it. I'll keep you posted.

These chairs on ebay went for $169 and they didn't even have cusions, so my garage find was a true treasure for me.


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