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Take The Thyme

It all started with a silly picture of me when I was 3 years old sitting in a rocking chair holding a single carnation flower in my tiny hands. I knew I liked flowers back then, but I didn't know I would grow up to love gardening the way I do. Making unique art pieces using petals of flowers has been a joy, but my all time favorite passion has to be watercolors.
Falling into the wonderful world of watercolors and painting beautiful birds, took many years for me to come to a point that I would share my art endeavors with others. When I was in my mid-thirties, still raising four son's I got busy and started a cookbook with all the past generations of tried and true favorite recipes that were passed down in the family. I went a step farther in that I hand painted each page of my recipe pages with pretty pictures, added a poem I had written to several areas and called the cookbook, "The Four Seasons". It was not only my inner beauty coming out onto the pages, but a work in progress for years. It isn't easy to create a cookbook let alone one with hand painted paintings. The cookbook is set aside to be given to my children when finished. Many have said after seeing my hard work that I should publish it. I'd rather not, but I will share a few recipes on this website, as after all it is my website. I never got to open my own business (a long time dream of mine) but when I started this website it was the closest thing to having a business for me.
Today, my days are filled with many more pleasurable things than working an 8 to 5 job for someone else. This garden gal has now settled into a life of fresh mountain air surrounded by evergreens and fragrant flowers. The picture below is what I look like several years past what the 3 year old picture shows.
I've put together this website for all happy gardening people alike. May you click around and find some area that makes you thirsty for more and you will come back time and again. There will always be something sprouting up at the Gardeners Glove.
Thanks for stopping in...
C. Dianne Wall



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