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Garden Retreats: Sacred Rock Garden

The most spectacular sight while resting on my garden bench in my sacred rock garden is to watch the Colorado Condor’s in flight. These rapacious birds (nearly extinct) soar high over top the 21, 70 ft. Ponderosa pine trees that line the East side of the house. As they land gently on a large branch to rest, they are watching everything and everyone (me included) down below them. Their claws are huge like the Eagle. Eyes coal black and mysterious. They can sit for hours in one location, just observing.

My sacred rock garden has become such a special vantage point in that I am surrounded by so much nature and natural beauty, I don’t need tons of flowers, I am enriched with a bounty of Gods graces. This sacred rock garden is to the North of the house. This is a unique placement where Yin meets yang. It was called a Zen garden by my sister who saw that I placed my rocky mountain rocks in a particular design. Being part Indian, I have placed the four sacred directions in my meditation area. While my visions of earth, air, fire (fire to the Indians is very important, it’s not to just keep warm by. Fire may destroy, but it always has a rebirth), and water (Water is the cleansing and thus a water fountain or birdbath is a must to any garden).

Knowing that my sacred rocks are placed in this area of my garden soothes me. As I reflect my sight to the East I can find my spiritual strength and see clarity, To the South I’m shown the child within and thus I need to have trust in any thought I may have. When looking to the West I see my present life challenges before me and my deepest desires, and then I turn to the North and apply the lessons that are shown to me from the other directions.

Not to forget the middle rock which is the sacred mountain. While I look upon the birds watching me, one may think of these birds as the crow or a raven. However the crow lights in ones view as a sign of change and to know your life’s mission, but they too observe what is happening before them and far way. They see simultaneously the past, present and future. The raven with all their black mystery flies into your realm to bring magic, something is about to happen and you need to learn more. Remember ‘black’ can mean the seeking of answers, the void, and the magic of darkness brings the form of awakening.

Do you forget there is magic to life, or have you settled into a mundane rut? So, the beautifulness of the coal black condor is magic to me. And for those who think a rock garden isn't beautiful, well, it has a way of forming its own character.

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