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Take The Thyme

Garden Jams and Jellies...

My Garden Rhubarb

My row of Raspberry bushes

Let's start with my Rhubarb plant. It grows almost like a weed. Last of March to earliy April I begin to see the top leaves sprout up from the ground. It is amazing to see them as we are still having spring snow storms.

I have two large Rhubarb plants and every year I cut them when I see the red stalks getting about 2 inches wide. I make jam rather than jelly as I like a thick jam on my toast.

Rhubarb & Raspberry Jams

My Raspberry bushes line the side of the garage area. They need lots of full sun light. I trim them down every other year. The Raspberries hang off the branches much like grapes on a vine. I start picking them when they are almost a burgandy color. This makes for a sweeter tasting jam.

As you can see I don't fill large jam jars, only the pint size as I eat it up too fast.

My next batch will be in late summer.

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