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My Traveling Art Journal


There is nothing like taking your art on the road with you. In doing this allow me to share some of my fun items that I put together in a carrying bag for traveling. If I am in the car or riding my new beach cruiser bike, I can always stop and pull out my bag of goodies for painting whatever I see.


So, here is my bag of art items: you can see the pictures below


1- 5x7 watercolor journal book

1 -5x 3.5 (mini size) watercolor journal book

Susan Scheewe 5x7 watercolor set with spray water bottle

Dale Rowney Aquafine watercolor set, comes with 10 different watercolors and brush

Faber Castell 4 Pitt artist pens

Travel pop up metal cup for water

Graphgear 1000 pencel

Hi-Polymer eraser

Wite-Out Corretion pen

Pencel sharpener

3- Eberhard faber Design Drawing pencels (2B, F, 6B)

4 - different sizes of watercolor brushes

1 - 6 inch ruler

1- zip bag to hold all the supplies

I found this nice red hard plastic box for all my pencels and art brushes. It also holds all the small items that can get lost if you don't keep them in one place.

If you notice I have the water cup near the art jounal book and it is so easy to use. I just flip to a new page in my journal book and draw whatever I see or feel for the day.

My mini art jounal book has a few pages of small paintings that I first started to paint before I found the 5x7 leather art journal.

I always have my pencel sharpener ready for my drawing pencels, however my Graphgear 1000 pencel is so sharp and draws a very fine line.

So one day I was sitting in my glider swing and I saw this hummingbird. So, without going into the house and finding all my art supplies, I just grabbed my little art bag of goodies and returned to the swing and began to paint the fluttering beauty.

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