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My Fall Turkey

clipart turkey.jfif
big turkey.jpg
framed big turkey.jpg
three turkeys.jpg

My Fall Squirrel

clipart squirrel.jfif
squirrel done.jpg
squirrel framed.jpg

This is my whimsical little watercolor, that I finished last night. It has a story!

So, my neighbor called me one day to come over to her house to try to save a little squirrel, but when I got there, it was to late. The squirrel was already too far gone, so I buried the little squirrel.

Then a few days later I saw what probably was either its mate, brother or sister crawling under my shed to stay out of the cold. So, everyday I feed that little squirrel . It gets squirrel food, peanuts and I give it fresh water daily. This is a tribute to the animals that we sometimes forget, but need a helping hand too

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