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Trying every year to paint at least one watercolor for fun at Christmas time. These are a good start to that tradition I am setting into place.


Holiday Watercolors

Santa watercolor 2016.jpg

Santa was fun to paint. I enjoy doing detailed work, when I'm in the mood. This one made a good FB drop background.

Christmas Memories - 2016


My Christmas Doxies - 2017

Nothing says the holidays like having fur babies to share it with. I have three of them. They keep me on my toes.

My Doxies watercolor 2017.jpg
Seasonal Watch.jpg

Seasonal Watch- 2018


My Buck and Cardinal bird was an afternoon being bored. The snow was lightly falling outside and that always gets me in the mood to pick up a bush and start a creation.

I hope you like my yearly watercolors. I hope to add to them every year.

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