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Summer Bliss..


Today I will be showing a 6 step process in painting this watercolor that I call, Summer Bliss. I chose the name as three of the flowers in this painting are among my very favorite flowers. I have used a varity of purple tones with soft blues and pinks.

Sit back and see what I do first in creating this painting.


Step 1.

First I drew out the flowers that I had in mind for this watercolor. This is a 12x18 sheet of cold press watercolor paper.

My color theme will be soft tones of purple, blue and pink. Surrounded by a variety of cool green colors. I will be adding two fun little creatures such as a bird and a butterfly.

Step 2.


Step 2 is showing the multitude of colors I have on my palate. I have one palate that I never wash off the paint. Watercolors can be sprayed with water and they come back to life. This is why I so enjoy using them.


Step 3.


Step 3 I have started to paint the flowers. This is a go slow and constantly see what colors I wish to add to the flowers leaf or stem, as I paint. The joy of having the multitude of colors on my palate is that I can mix several areas and come out with new colors for whatever area I am working on.

Step 4.


Step 4 I am adding more color to more flowers. I went on to add a bird and a butterfly.

Step 5.


Step 5. I have started to darken areas now. The leaves are darker and have shadow to areas. I keep going back to the Iris changing the colors. My intention is to have the Iris a focal point to this watercolor.


Step 6.


Step 6 is the completed painting. Once I have signed my art work I am pretty well done with it and for the most part I am pleased. That's not to say that I could go back and add or change anything, because again with watercolors that is exactly what you can do.

All finished and it only took me one afternoon to complete.

Hope the six step viewing helped you to create a materpiece of your own.

Happy painting fans...

summer bliss wate color 2018_edited.jpg

Summer Bliss

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