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Doddle Art

weiner brush holder.jpg

This area of my website I am devoting to what I call, Doddle Art. It's just simple little art works that make me smile. I usually use them for my FB backgrounds on my profile page.

Paper and Brush

When I get an idea in my head, I go straight into my art room and lightly sketch whatever it is that I want to later transform into a watercolor painting. I'll be adding a few fun ones for all to see and enjoy. Maybe it will give you a doddle art idea too.

sham 2.jpg
sham dogs.jpg
sham 1.jpg
Autumn friends.jpg
Fall turkey.jpg
xmas buddy and daisy may hat.jpg

So many I don't know where to start, so I have added most current to older ones.

My love for animals never fails me. Painting my furbabies, to my neighbor's dog that passed away. 

Every watercolor I do has some form of meaning for me.

Moonie finished.jpg

Christmas time is always fun in creating silly art pieces.

Santa watercolor 2016.jpg
My Doxies watercolor 2017.jpg
my watercolor deer_edited.jpg
summer hummer watercolor_edited.jpg
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