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Veggie Garden vs Herb Garden...


In my opinion both gardens are a lot of fun. Hard work and daily care are a must, but the results are very much worht while.

I mentioned in my blog post about the Cherokee Purple Tomatoes and may I add this was my first year at growing them and it won't be my last. They are wonderful tasting. They grow just like any other tomato, but take on a purple skin color and when you cut them open your not sure if you want to eat them as the coloring is so very different. Trust me, take one bite and you won't want any other flavor. That takes me to my next favorite in planting the purple beans. They will grow just like a regular green bean, but the leaves and the bean are a deep purple color. Don't freak out as these beauties onced cooked turn back to the color green and blend into the other green beans you are going to serve. I plan on serving a large bowl of my garden green beans this Thanksgiving.


Once you have all your veggies harvested for the year remember to take a few snap shots and add them to your garden journal, so next year you can decide if you wish to plant the same ones or a different variety. Planting a few seed packets in an area I almost gave up on has been a pleasure in having a summer filled with fresh garden food.

A vegetable garden vs an herb garden are about the same in that you are planting food to eat. My herb garden with fresh herbs also adds to seasoning all my veggies that I prepair. Both are work and both have their own rewards.


Happy gardening to all...

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