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Shutting down site soon

Just checking in to say Hello and to announce that I will be shutting down The Gardeners Glove site soon. I have been overwhelmed with my newest journey. Cooking with Carol Dianne video's and now my cookbook is out for sale. It takes time and I have had to keep right at working with all that. Please forgive me, but The Gardeners Glove will have to take a back seat for a while. You can still see all that I do on FB and Youtube, cookingwithcaroldianne.

Check out my newest website:

Order a cookbook and watch firsthand me cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

You will still get to see my Herb gardening and 2 video's I made called, A Walk in my Garden, part 1 and part 2. Gardening will always remain close to my heart, and I try to keep everything up and growing.

Thank you one and all for viewing my art works.

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