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New Beginnings

Well, I did it!!! Finally have started all over with a new website that I hope will inspire others. Along the way maybe I can make some online garden friends.

It's taken me awhile to get this started as summer and fall haven't been my best months. With the start of winter I have new ideas and new hopes to set into motion. For five months now I have struggled with having the shingles in my face and eye. For those who have been blessed to know what this is all about, you know that just sitting here at my laptop typing has been a real struggle for me.

Today I talked to a lady that has MS and I think she can understand that her bird aviary that I soon will be purchasing will go to a new good home. I have always had living birds over the years in my home. In fact all over my home you will find a very nice collection of ceramic birds. It all started back in late 1994 at Christmas time when my son, Trevor bought me a beautiful ceramic figurine of a blue bird and her chicks. From there I have collected all kinds of different birds. So, having a place to have more birds thrilled me. The aviary is so nice and the owner who made it did everything right. I will house a variety of finches for now. I have wanted to have singing canaries, but they really have gone up in price over the years, so some colorful finches will do me just fine.

Stay tuned for pictures posted of the aviary as I won't be getting it until January.

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season. Stay well most of all.

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