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Tiny but special

I drove in fog to shop for a few grocery items, but came home with a special prize.

You've seen those Charlie Brown Christmas trees right? Well, my grocery store had these tiny 3 foot trees sitting outside the store. I stopped for a moment to view them as they really were cute. My intention was to get a Charlie Brown tree, but the real tree found its way into my heart.

This year because I am alone for the holiday's I wasn't going to decorate, bake or put up any tree. Something was calling out to me to take this tiny tree home, so I did. It must of been the tree that started me wanting to get into the mood of Christmas. I liked that the tree came with its own tree stand that you fill with water to keep the tree alive until Christmas Day.

I really did just start with a few ornaments and lights, then as I was searching through a box for some Christmas cards I found some gold and white small bows so I added them to the tree. Little by little the tree is showing its own personality. Because I didn't want to dig into my shed buried with snow and bitter cold to stand inside and hunt through Christmas boxes, I ordered a new Christmas wreath to hang on the front door. It arrived yesterday and somehow that made me smile too.

Christmas time can be very joyful or it can be very depressing and stressful. For me this year being alone again, I somehow thought my holiday season was going to be very hard, however I am finding I am doing just fine.

Through the winding roads and down the hill I go again to visit my son's and give them a taste of christmas. My son is suffering from a face staff infection. He looks like he's been in a bar fight as his eyes are all swollen. When he called me at 6 am to tell me about his condition I told him he must go to the emergency room right away, as you just don't mess around with your eyes swelling up. He took my advice and returned home with a good antibiotic and maybe in 48 hours he will be his old self again. I dropped off some Christmas cookies, cards and a beta fish for his girlfriend's son. I have been housing the beta fish for months and at Thnaksgiving the girlfriend said she wanted to give one to her son, so I took the fish to them. This morning I awoke and while fixing my coffee I looked over to where I usually had the fish bowl with the red beta fish named "Ruby" and I missed that fish. Oh well I hope the 12 year old takes care of the fish.

Isn't that what the holiday's are all about in that you are to give not receive? Well, for me I love to give so it made me feel good to give something to someone that is so nice and giving in their own right.

And the beat goes on...

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