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Remembering when...

Remember when making snow ice cream was a real treat? Well, I do. The first time I tasted it, back when I was a child I feel in love with it and begged my Mom to make some more. It was so simple to make. All I remember my Mom saying at the time was to slice off the top layer of snow and then dig down deep into the snow with your spoon and fill the bowl up to the top with the fresh snow.

Years later when my own children were little I made the same snow ice cream for them. It makes for a fun afternoon and gives kids something to do. Yummy and a true childhood "nice" memory.

Today I went out and scooped from a few layers down some fresh mountain snow and filled my mixing bowl full of snow. Then I added the milk, sugar and vanilla extract and stirred until blended. So tastey and it's ice cream in seconds.

I added a fresh baked Swedish Spritz cookie and had a wonderful winter treat. Well, what else do you do on a snowy day in Colorado?

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