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Ice cube ornaments

Yesterday while shopping I found another Ice cube ornament so I bought it. This one made me laugh and think of the cold temperatures we have been having. I'll hang this one on my tiny tree and smile every time I look at it.

Along with my tiny ornament purchase I found another item I just couldn't live without. So, yes I bought it too. It was my gift to me. A pretty vintage fur coat with leather on it. It fit and that was the main thing. Now I have two fur coats and they match my fur scarf and gloves. What is it about a fur coat that makes a woman feel like a million bucks? Isn't it something to find a few simple little trinkets that make you smile and that's what 'giving' is all about even if the giving is for yourself.

I have a lot to be thankful for and today while making my cranberry Jell-O salad for tomorrow’s dinner, I looked around and remembered all I am thankful for this year. That is while looking at the beautiful snow falling.

Well, I'm off to have a nice cup of eggnog.

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