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Waiting for 2014 to arrive…

Now I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I just visualize my many ideas onto my collage board and hope that throughout the New Year at least one of the pictures has really happened for me. I’m really glad 2013 is coming to an end; I didn’t care for this past year much. Oh it had some good moments as all years have, but for the most past when your health takes a nose dive then the year isn’t much to sing about.

There won’t be any party and I don’t drink therefore my toasting is any soft drink I have on hand. I’ll make a nice New Year’s dinner and begin to carry out my daily routine. I’m looking forward to my bird aviary arriving in a few weeks and all that I have planned for the month of January. I’ll be spending time with my youngest son as he just purchased his first new home. I’m very proud of him. He has worked very hard at keeping his credit clean and saving for the big day when he was approved for a home. He has called me a thousand times and we both have looked through several pictures of homes in his area, then he finally settled on one he liked. He plans to remodel right away and make things up to date.

Well as the year comes to a close I hope others have enjoyed their year and look forward to the year ahead. May you find whatever it is that will make you happy and learn one new thing for 2014.

Maybe it will be to plant something or just to plant an idea and watch it grow.


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