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and now they are gone...

The last of the ice. Just after I snapped this photo the ice fell to the ground. Long beautiful icicles hung for days and now they are gone.

Today while looking out my office window I see a bight sun shinning day and the temperature is now 24 degrees. It's to be nice all week with no snow. Yippy!!!

I live in a very pretty area and I usually like all the fresh fallen snow, but this year not so much. Over the weekend after just a few short minutes of snowblowing the mounds of fresh fallen snow, I called it quits and went back into my house. Moments later my friendly neighbor was at my door with a plate full of crackers, cheese and sliced ham for me to munch on. Small town living again, but you just can't beat the hospitality of good neighbors. Then as I was washing up the plate that same neighbor who gave me the plate full of goodies was out front shoveling all the snow I couldn't get with the snowblower. Wow, I was so thankful to see helping hands that it is my mission now to return the favor the minute this ice age ends.

As a child I used to love to lick icicles and one year I even colored them with food coloring. Needless to say that made a mess and I haven't done that since. Thought it might make for an interesting art idea, but nope not so much.

Well, I'm on to surfing the net for my son, as he is looking for cabinets for his new kitchen remodel.

And the beat goes on...

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