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Thank you Gary

Remember I said to stay turned in my last post? Well, I’m back from my treasure hunting weekend. Wow, did I have fun. First off let me say that I found a really nice fancy bird cage for my two canary birds. Sir Lord of Basalt and Tweetybird now has a new home. I separated them and put them together as a couple, they love each other. I went to get another Society Finch, which I did, but I never thought I would have such a pleasurable tour of the owners feathered friends.

I met the nicest man that raises not only Finches and Canaries; he also has a pleather of other birds. It’s not that often that you meet a person that has such an inner grow to them. The glow is that they have found their niche in life and are completely at peace and happy. The man I met was such and more. As I pulled into his driveway lane he was walking back from checking his mail for the day. I noticed he had a nice place with chickens and two cute dogs in the yard.

After I purchased my little companion Finch for Molly, the man wanted to know if I wanted to see his other birds. Sure, I’m game. We walked through many chicken coops and bird cage areas. He named every bird he had. Beautiful striking colorful birds of all breeds. It was awesome and I just couldn’t believe one person raises so many feathered friends at once.

Leaving his property and driving away I couldn’t think of anything else. What it must feel like to know you are so happy doing exactly what you are meant to do in life. He had a talent. Raising beautiful birds.Each morning as I listen to my birdies sing their songs and play in their bird cages I know I made the right choice.

Yes, caring for birds (any live animal) is work, but the pleasure I get from my little birdies is all worth it.Maybe by summer I will have baby birds or if not I’ll still be happy with the ones I have now.So, here is a online thank you to Gary for a wonderful experience and please know the little Finch has bonded with the other one is doing just fine.

They cuddle together in the upper hut and they look just like the ones you have all gathered together in pairs.

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