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Some “Me Time”…

What do you do when it is cold and dreary outside? Read a book some say. Usually for me on these days I would be starting a new painting, but today I found myself starting my “Me time” and actually sat down and started to read the book I had purchased a few weeks ago.

While waiting for a prescription at my local grocery store I sat next to a book shelf that was filled with best seller books for the month. One book in particular was calling out to me. Peaking my interest I reached for the book and peaked inside to read just a few sentences to see if I was really interested enough to actually buy the book.

This book was well publicized on TV shows and I knew a little about what the contents were about, however I still was compelled to look inside. I didn’t read the back cover nor did I look at the colored pictures thoroughout the book, I just opened the book much like I do my Bible with my eyes closed and whatever page I land on is what I read.

This book also has now been made into a movie and is coming out this April. As I closed my eyes and opened the book very slowly only to get a sneak peak I was reminded in my brain of what my sister always told me about new books. Never to open the book all the way and break the glued sealed pages, unless you were going to buy the book. Wherever she got that I have no idea, but trust me it worked as ever since I have always been so careful in opening a new book.

Knowing I only had a few more minutes until they would call out my name that the prescription was done, I read a few paragraphs and then closed the book and put it back on the bookshelf. I left the store not purchasing the book as I had other errands to do and yet just those few paragraphs that I had read kept reminding me of times in my life I too had questions.

The book is called; Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. While I knew I still had another book yet to read, “What is Your What” by Steve Olsher, I had put off reading it after the third chapter. Some books are very interesting and some not so much.

My day was just about to end and I was debating whether to turn left to return home when all of a sudden I was turning right and returning to the store to purchase the Heaven is for Real book. As the cashier was ringing up the sale, she said, ‘You are going to love this book’.

So many aspects of the first few chapters reminds me of when my oldest son had his near death experiences and was in a coma for 9 days. I recall asking my boy on several different occasions if he saw anything, heard anything or went anywhere while he was in his coma. The answer was always the same, “No, Mom”. There didn’t seem to be any out of body experiences for him. I’m still wondering why this happens to some people and not others after almost dying and coming back to life.

On page 75 I am reminded of the many times I have told my son to be humble. In my “Me time” my humble reflections have poured back into my thoughts. I may not rent the movie as reading all the soulful words in pages of a book is so much better for one’s inner being. I have a saying I use periodically, “Find your Glad”, for the day. Whatever it is that makes you smile, be thankful or just feel better, is “your” glad for the day.

My glad for the day is my quiet “Me time”. It’s Heaven to me today.

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