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My New friend

Just when I think I have enough friends, here comes another. I hung the mosaic bird feeder out onto my tree in the front yard. It hangs on a very heavy large nail. While I am typing away on my laptop I see a squirrel running along the fence line and then it hopped onto the big tree and then the squirrel noticed the bird feeder. I just have some small bird seed insde the round bird feeder, but I guess it was just enough to entice this feathered friend.

It was fun to watch the squirrel hang so far from the tree just to get to the bird seed. Once finished eating then it would rest on the large nail just below and look back to me to see if I was watching it. There is another bird feeder right below this round mosaic one, but the squirrel can't get into the hole area of that one to get to the food.

Along with the care of my many pet birds, now I have an outside friend. I hope the squirrel visits often and enjoys the feeder, because I sure am enjoying the squirrel.

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