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Found the Glads

Years ago when I was a young girl my Grandmother had several different colored Gladiolus flowers in her back yard. I thought they were so pretty. My Grandfather thought they were a weed and mowed them down with the lawnmower, but they kept sprouting up each year.

I finally found my Gladiolus bulbs and will plant them next to the old oak tree out front. The leaves are very much like the Iris leaf (my favorite flower), so these beauties will fit right in. Spring is fun now that I have found the first beginning projects.

I have finished placing all the flower brick edging around the yard and have painted each one to match the trim on the house. Everything looks clean and ready for all the Spring/Summer flowers I plan to plant in a few weeks.

Have to wait until I can't see any snow caps on LO7, that's so there won't be any chance of a freeze.

Yesterday I noticed that all my Hollyhocks that I planted two years ago are just now starting to take hold. This August I should have several blossoms to save and make more of my flower pictures.

Happy planting everyone...

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